We obtain our raw materials from New Zealand's naturally pure and clean environment. The company is New Zealand Food Safety Authority approved and New Zealand's strict food safety requirements are controlled by the Ministry of Primary Industries. We run a HACCP based Food Safety and Risk Management Programme which ensures quality and safety of all our products

Our current product lines use 100% quality New Zealand Beef Leg Bones and Beef as a raw material to manufacture Beef Leg Bone extract and enzyme hydrolyzed Beef extract. Experience in making these extracts, strong relationships with our own suppliers and unique, innovative technology mean we can offer better value to meet customer's needs.

These products have applications in soups, sauces, flavourings and much more. If our existing products do not meet your needs, our laboratory is constantly working on new and innovative products in the extract sector so please contact us and let us know about your requirements.


New Zealand Meat


Strict quarantine laws, constant monitoring of livestock health by MAF, food safety requirements, a strict pasture based diet and geographic isolation mean that major animal diseases are unheard of in New Zealand (there have been no cases of foot and mouth disease or BSE in New Zealand).

New Zealand cattle are reared in the fresh outdoors on a natural pasture-based diet of green grass. This is not only better for the animals and the environment but produces lean, nutrient-rich meat free of unwanted substances and harmful residues. The high rainfall, mild climate, rich soils and long summers allow animals to live outdoors all year round.

For more information about the New Zealand meat industry and benefits of New Zealand meat please see here.