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What We Do

Ottogi’s manufacturing plant, based in Takanini, produces beef products. These products include beef bone, beef extract, and tallow. Created from locally sourced high-grade ingredients, we create unique products with exquisite flavours that are influenced by traditional Korean cuisine and appeal to the various tastebuds of the locals in New Zealand. Additionally, we extend our craft to sauces and dressings. We partner with iconic New Zealand brands to deliver reliable, versatile, and attractive products.

About Production

Beef Bone/Beef extract

Made from 100% New Zealand grass-fed beef. Our beef bone extract production parameters can be modified in accordance with each client’s individual needs. The products are cooked in a high-pressure cooker for an appropriate amount of time. This process allows for all the valuable nutrients to be extracted from the marrow and then condensed into the final product.

Cooking sauce

Ottogi specialises in both New Zealand and Asian flavoured mayonnaise, dressings, and cooking sauces. Ottogi New Zealand strictly selects the healthiest and most natural ingredients that taste great but are also healthy.


Our team run an innovative production system that accommodates the various needs of the market. Our manufacturing equipment is effective in meeting time-sensitive production projects and these production lines are highly maintained by our professional engineers.

Supply Chain

We own ambient, chilled and frozen storage to handle all ingredients and products by ourselves. In addition, an optimized transportation system and professional staff will deliver your goods on time and in the best condition.


On-site we have ambient, chilled, and frozen storage to store all ingredients and produced goods independently. Our optimised transportation system and capable staff will deliver your goods on time and in the best condition.

Our people

We believe people are the centre of our business and we value every relationship with our employees. An optimistic attitude and a proactive mind are all you can find in our people. Ottogi NZ always strives for a diverse and healthy business culture.