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What We Do

Ottogi New Zealand innovates new markets through data collection and analysis on food culture. We effectively analyse distribution and then establish sales strategies. We introduce, consult, and manage various high-quality products to customers through the local market, Asian market, and online market. In addition, by conducting customer management tasks such as market research, conference participation, and strategy establishment, we are actively increasing the publicity of our products to make them more accessible to consumers.

About Sales Part


From the expertise we have gained from manufacturing our premium products from locally sourced goods in New Zealand, we incorporate this knowledge with the 50 years of production data from Korea and broaden our sales strategies. This helps us to better understand a country’s operational needs, global business strategies, and trade practices.


Through the careful analysis of the global food market and its distribution methods, Ottogi has established its position in the unique market space of New Zealand. Ultimately, enhancing sales through our accumulated data.


Through the development of new products provided by systematic market research and client analysis, the creation of brand value through brand management and improvement, and proactive participation in the market we strive to maintain our position in the market space as a reputable leader in the industry.


Based on Ottogi’s unique manufacturing process, it directly manufactures and supplies approximately 300 products directly from Korea to present competitive prices to consumers.

Customer support

Local, Asian (Korea/China), and online department managers manage customers based on professional knowledge to efficiently improve customers' 'needs and inconveniences'.

Future strategy

To become a well-recognised company locally by increasing the brand publicity and value of Ottogi in the local market through strategic marketing and promotional activities.