Quality at our core

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Reliability is the foundation of trust between you and us. We work with integrity to pursue credible results. Ottogi develops products that represent our commitment to excellence that your brand deserves.

As a highly distinguished food company in Korea, we bring innovation that penetrates the market wherever we establish ourselves in the world.

About Quality at our core

Food safety

We follow the regulations set out in the risk management programmes (RMP) set by the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI). Our ingredients, products, and manufacturing meet the highest food safety and export standards.

Constant monitoring

Our quality assurance officer constantly monitors our operations and scrutinises its practices to maintain the good manufacturing practices (GMP) guideline.

Cementing our identity

By becoming a global brand, we offer a distinct and innovative perspective when developing new products. We collaborate with only the most trusted companies to expand our reach within the market.

Creating a safe work environment

We accommodate for auditors to routinely monitor our facilities and comply with health and safety (HACCP) standards. Ensuring we commit ourselves to excellence.

Quality assurance

Microbial and compositional testing is carried out by our quality control technician. Every individual product is examined against strict requirements in regards to its composition. This meticulous process ensures that our inventory only leaves when deemed safe.

Our innovative nature

Ottogi’s research and development team are committed to finding the most appetising flavours and nutritious foods. Continuous testing is Ottogi’s promise to you.