Ottogi New Zealand’s Culinary Expedition Across Pacific Isles

Ottogi New Zealand’s Culinary Expedition Across Pacific Isles

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Embarking on a gastronomic odyssey, Ottogi New Zealand proudly extends its culinary reach to the enchanting Pacific Islands. Starting with a delectable debut in Tuvalu in June 2022, Ottogi’s signature products, including Jin Ramen, Kimchi Ramen, and Cheese Ramen, have become instant favorites in the heart of the Pacific.

Continuing its Pacific expansion, Ottogi New Zealand has now graced Rarotonga, captivating the taste buds of locals. Shelves are adorned with Ottogi’s Jin Ramen, Kimchi Ramen, and the irresistible Korean Vermicelli.

Adding another jewel to its Pacific crown, Ottogi New Zealand announces its presence in Samoa. Starting from October 2023, Ottogi’s diverse selection, ranging from an assortment of ramen products to an impressive array of five sauces and a grand total of 40 exported food items, promises to elevate the culinary experience in Samoa.

This expansion solidifies Ottogi New Zealand’s dedication to bringing high-quality, authentic Korean flavors to the Pacific Islands. As Ottogi New Zealand continues to traverse the Pacific culinary landscape, it reaffirms its role as a global ambassador of Korean cuisine, enriching palates and forging cultural connections across the azure waters of the Pacific. Stay tuned as Ottogi New Zealand’s delectable journey unfolds across more Pacific Isles.

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