Why Ottogi 3PL is the solution? 

Why Ottogi 3PL is the solution? 

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Originally established to store and manage Ottogi products, the Ottogi 3PL division operates with 25 years of hands-on experience of trial and error and a proactive management team in order to provide the best service and conditions for goods stored in its warehouse. Dedicated to ensuring that their customers’ goods are protected and managed for the best quality and accuracy the Ottogi 3PL team has built strong relationships with its customers and has earned a reputable name in the 3rd Party Logistics Industry.  

The Ottogi 3rd Party Logistics organisation is an approved food handling facility with certifications in several food safety programmes such as the New Zealand Food Safety Authority (NZFSA), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) programme and is an approved Transitional Facility for handling containers operating under a certified Risk Management Plan (RMP). 

The Ottogi 3PL division has warehousing solutions for all temperature ranges and is approved for handling fish, meat and dairy across all of its warehouses. 

On site, the organisation boasts a large category of available services from container handling including import/export, packaging and labelling, individual unit and pallet picking and load consolidation. 

Furthermore, the Ottogi 3PL division is also able to receive goods from all classes of vehicles and is able to despatch orders to major retailers, quick-service restaurants (QSR), food manufacturers and overseas ports. 

The entire operation is controlled through an integrated and customised Warehouse Management System (WMS) – developed and managed to provide the highest level of flexibility, the company is also able to engineer and adapt its system functions to meet the complex needs of the ever-changing market and its suppliers. 

Staff members are also specifically assigned to customers to ensure that an in-depth and personalised service can be provided to every client. The team pursues to provide their customers with the most comprehensive and secure service by meeting their needs and going the extra mile to exceed client expectations. 

Allow Ottogi 3PL to support your operation and see the difference. 

Ottogi 3PL is excited to welcome new clients from start-up companies all the way to large suppliers and retailers in this exciting and shifting industry. 

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